Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Timeline Guesstimate

My Guess at the Timeline:
I realize these adoption terms are like a foreign language and if you're truly interested in what each means you can research it. I only know bits and pieces myself, but basically these are the steps we're waiting for until we travel to China and I've put approximate dates (total guesses based on others' dates and numbers right now) so you can see how close we are. I'll update with the actual dates as they come.

I800 approval on 4/19 *actual date 4/18
GUZ a week later on 4/26 *actual date 4/25
RTF on 4/28 *actual date 4/26
Art 5 drop off on 5/2 *actual date 4/27
Art 5 pick up on 5/16 - now maybe 5/12?
It's very possible that we could have TA as early as 5/19!
This is when we would apply for visas.

So... we could be leaving 6/1 with a *Family Day* of 6/5 (or 6/12) !!!

FYI: We stay 2 full weeks in China -near Hong Kong - and then bring home the USA's most adorable new citizen, who becomes so as soon as her precious little toes step foot on our soil.

*Family Day (also called Gotcha Day) is the day we meet her and she's put into our arms.  We will celebrate her Family Day every year as the day she became a part of our Forever Family.

Again, this is a completely hypothetical scenario but I am having fun watching the averages on other adoption pages and can't wait to see how close we get!  Yes I'm very excited and yes I'm kind of a nerd 🤓