Wednesday, May 03, 2017

>12 hours later...JOY comes in the morning

See how good God is....look what came in my email this morning! (Our final update from the agency/orphanage with measurements, and all!) She's holding up how many months left until Mommy & Daddy come to get her! Thank you, Jesus!
32.5" tall
5.5" little foot
18 teeth
100% precious!

And before a post by an adopting friend....

"The waiting itself is beneficial to us; it tries faith, exercises patience, trains submission and endears the blessing when it comes."- Charles Spurgeon "
"In trusting the Lord in the waiting we demonstrate a faith that proves his presence is sweeter than any gift. And in time the waiting will cease and we will find what we've wanted all along- more of God himself." -Journey devo
Waiting, trusting ~ in His Presence ~ no better place to be.

Thank you, God for answering a night of questions and frustrations with some sweet JOY.  Isn't He good?