Wednesday, May 10, 2017

So Close!

Our visa applications are now in Houston and Brad will NOT have to be finger-printed! We are set to have Article 5 pickup on Monday, May 15, so Travel Approval could come any time from 3 days later to 2 weeks later. In the meantime, we are getting doctor appointments done that we might not have time for later and finishing up with school around here. We also have sweet evidences everywhere that someone little is coming: a stool to reach the sink in the bathroom, a booster seat at the dining table and even a "Lottie potty". All we need now is our Lottie. Please pray that our time is used wisely as we wait and that it goes quickly and smoothly!

This was a timely read. We are thankful for our "tribe". <3 span="">
"You WILL need people to love you through this next year....You need people who are going to really pray for you around the clock. This is a battle for a child’s heart and you need support."Prayer